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Starting With The Basics…

What Exactly Are Solo Ads?

Solo ads are a reliable “Pay Per Click” traffic platform, however it is traffic coming from email rather than from search engines. Plus, you only payout when someone clicks over to your website/offer.

Solo Ads Are Only Reliable If You Get This Traffic From The Right Seller.

Top marketers who are looking to get fast surges of traffic to their offer immediately, use this form of marketing.

Solo ads are the best and most targeted form of advertising. Why is that, because you are targeting a large group of people who are interested in your topic/niche offer. This is what makes it a perfect match and it means you can get extremely scalable volume of traffic flooding your website/offer immediately!

The Segmentation Process

How Will The Segmentation Process Help You Get The Best Traffic Absolutely Ever?

Allow Me to Clarify Further


Identifying Your Target Market


Since I have control and access to a huge list of subscribers… Even though they are all in the establish “Make Money Online” category; that of course does not mean they are all interested in the same offers and services.

EX: You See Just Because Someone Is Interested In Working From Home; Won’t Necessarily Mean They Are Remotely Interested In Buying Your Course On How To Make Money On Instagram.

By diving into my database and segmenting out people who may be interested in your offer is a crucial step. I do this by looking at my past traffic history and the actions/conversions that occurred from the traffic I delivered. It’s all based on conversions and data; I then segment out a portion of my list that would be ideal for your offer. And that my friends is your “Ideal Target Market.”


About List Segmentation


Once I have identified your perfect target market, I will then segment that portion of my list.

This all means that the traffic I will send to your distinct offer; will ONLY be going to that segmented part of my list.

By doing this will ensures you’ll be getting only the most relevant targeted traffic I can give you that closely matches your offer.

I do this each time, with each individual order, and each and every single offer you give me.


Solid Traffic Delivery


All right, now time to deliver your traffic. I will deliver the traffic gently over time and Yes, there is a reason for this.

Here’s the scenario: You ordered 2,000 visitors from me. let’s also assume that I delivered all of your traffic within a matter of hours. By using this timeframe; you won’t have enough time to immediately see how my traffic is performing for you. Not to mention also giving enough time to make changes to your offer.

By me delivering your traffic gently over time; as a few visitors are coming in throughout the day for a couple of days; you will get to see how my traffic is doing and if it is performing up to your standards.

In doing it this way we would both have time to make adjustments, a little tweak to my segmented list, and maybe a tweak to your offer. By doing this we can enhance your results as traffic keeps flowing to your offer. I hope you understand all of this and it makes sense to you. I want and am looking for your long-term business, not a one-time sale. This is the number one reason I care for everyone who decides to purchase traffic from me. This Is by far HANDS-DOWN Precisely What Separates Me From Every Other Solo Ad Provider.


I’m, trying to be fully transparent with you. this last part can only be performed with the larger traffic orders. It is next to impossible to do with orders of fewer than 500 visitors minimum.

How It All Works

Choose The Amount Of Traffic You Want

I Will Write Your Email Promotion and Send It Out To My Segmented Targeted List Of Subscribers

You Will Gradually Get An Increase Of Targeted Traffic (Buyers Are Always Included In Every Order)

No matter how much traffic you need, I can deliver.

Do you need to just run a test to see if your offer converts? Then how about driving 100 or 200 visitors to your website/offer from a list of targeted subscribers? This would give you just the stats you need in order to see how well your offer converts.


Do you already know your stats and are looking to play in the BIG GAME? Then perhaps 2,000 OR 3,000 visitors is what you will be needing to get everyone talking about and purchasing what you are selling or promoting as an affiliate marketer, business owner, agency owner, digital marketer, etc… No matter what you’re into as long as it is in the “Internet Marketing Niche”.

What, You Don’t Have A Squeeze Page? Then I will Develop One For You…



For FREE!*

You see the whole idea of buying solo ad traffic is to build a list and make MONEY, Right?

Nonetheless, I also understand that a few of you are not traffic and conversion experts.

I also know most of you (not all) are affiliate marketers, which means… You are wanting to send those purchased clicks directly to an affiliate offer instead of sending this traffic to your own squeeze page first to build your list. Then redirecting those leads/people to the main offer you are offering.

This is the number one reason why most marketers FAIL and lose money with solo ads traffic. It’s because they failed to build their own list first, before sending anyone to their main offer.

Awesome news, this ends here. I’m here to rescue you from losing money with solo ads again!

I will personally design and develop a squeeze page that matches the look and feel of your main offers page, thus making sure it is consistent with your main offer.

By doing it this way it will almost seem as if you have a seamless funnel between your squeeze page and your main offer page.

I can and will host your squeeze page for you also this way you don’t need to buy hosting. All you will need to provide is your HTML code for your opt-in form to place on the squeeze page.

Let’s recap: I will host and send traffic to your squeeze page and you collect all the leads into your email autoresponder service.

It’s really that simple!

If you would like me to build your custom squeezepage for FREE, I will be asking you for your HTML code for the opt-in form I need to place on the checkout page, but don’t worry about it for now.

*(Dose Not Inclued The Test Checker Maillings)

Now If You Promote Your Own Website, Offer, Or Business Opportunity; Even Better!

I serves my customers globally with my solo ads promoting business opportunities, make money online, work from home programs, network marketing, MLM, Etc… This all means you are not limited to the above list mentioned.

Just as long as you are promoting anything “internet marketing/make money online” related, then my solo ad traffic is a perfect fit for you…

You Can Either Keep Buying The

$0.35/Click Junk Traffic OR…

Energize Your Business With The Targeted Quality Traffic It Needs To Achieve Consistent & Predictable Daily Leads And Sales. Basically, You Get What You Pay For!

So What Makes My Traffic So Great?

List Burnt Out, Never

You know there is a reason why my customers keep coming back for more traffic from me. I will go the extra mile to service loyal and repeat customers.

People always come back for more solo ads because I don’t over-email my list, two emails a day from me to them.

I won’t email my list more than twice a day, and I don’t send out an email to the same offer more than once every month to the same targeted segment of my list.

YES if you ordered a larger traffic package from me, it will more than likely take a few mailings before your traffic campaign is completed. However, this will guarantee you get a continuous stream of traffic going to your offer and it also, ensures a consistently high conversion rate from the traffic I drive to your opt-in page.

Haven’t you ever purchased a solo ad from vendors who at first, you get an awesome stream of traffic and awesome results from; however on your next run or a couple of solo ads later, the traffic and quality die out, not too mention the results are not that great? The reason for this is that other solo ad vendors over-email their list and they burn it out faster than they can build it.

Well, this will never happen with me, rest assured you will have a steady stream of high-quality targeted traffic from your first order to your hundredth order. Because I know how to treat and nurture my list (of people) to ensure they will remain loyal and responsive forever!

My List Is Nothing Less Than 85%+ Tier 1 Traffic!

Tier 1 traffic are those countries with “Buying Power”. These countries are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, and a few others.

These countries have the money, and the purchasing power to not only be just interested in your offer, but more importantly these are also the people that can afford to purchase your offer.

Purchasing clicks from my list means that all, 100% of your solo ad traffic will be from the leads I generated using Tier 1 traffic. Unfortunately, traffic sometimes gets through from T2 and T3 Countries which is why I can’t give you a 100% guaranteed T1 traffic delivery.

Awesome news though… With my solo ad traffic you are guaranteed a minimum of 85% T1 (Tier 1) traffic at no extra cost like other vendors do.

85% will be your worst case scenario. Fortunately with me, most of the time you are getting way more than an 85% T1 traffic and let me remind you again. You get all of this without paying any extra cost like most other solo ad traffic sellers charge.

In other words, I will do my best to take all the headache out of getting good quality traffic. That way, you never have to worry about your solo ad traffic again. With every aspect of your solo ad order means quality, targeted, unique traffic of people with purchasing power, and have a credit card to make a purchase with.

From High-Quality Traffic Sources

You will receive nothing less then high quality, targeted traffic.

Knowing the quality of where your traffic and leads are generated from has a huge role in the success or failure of your solo ad traffic campaign. You need to ask every solo ad provider before purchasing solo ad traffic from them.

Why is this important, because the traffic source where their leads are generated from will ascertain the quality of their leads, This will in turn help understand the success of your solo ad traffic campaign.

I am also honored to announce that my list is are all generated from high quality traffic sources like PPC, natural search engine’s, and social media traffic.

I Don’t Use Low Quality Traffic Sources from unknown traffic sources which are the weakest form of traffic to be known.

Yes, I do buy solo ads traffic to build help build my list, but from only from a select few that give me T1 traffic. This is the one of the reason why I am able to get my clients quality leads and sales conversions.

Please understand this: The traffic you will be receiving from me is NOT a list of leads I generated through just using solo ads traffic.

Traffic That Is Conversion Driven

With all the traffic packages I have to offer, there is just one goal in mind. The #1 goal I have for you is to get you leads and sales. In this way, it gives my business the longevity it needs to survive.

In other words; You just ordered, will say, 500 clicks from me. Okay, out of these 500 clicks, you only generated say 12 leads and Zero, that’s 0 Sales. Now, what are the odds you will ever buy more solo ad traffic from me again? NEVER, RIGHT!?

Am I right or what???

This Is MY Goal For YOU

An Example Scenario: Say you bought 500 clicks from me, and you generated, say a few hundred leads for simplicity, plus a decent amount of sales. With me delivering results like this, what are the odds your going to order more traffic from me over and over and over again? Very, very, very high right?

So, This Is What All I Have To Do, To Generate The Traffic So That It Converts Into Leads And Sales For YOU

1. First, I Will Send Your Solo Ad Traffic To An Opt-in Page

Solo Ad Traffic; it’s crucial to send all your solo ad traffic to an opt-in page first. The main reason for using solo ad traffic is to generate high-quality leads. This is your #1 priority first and foremost. Your Opt-in Page should be simple for your best result. I will NOT send traffic to any sales pages. Please, contact me with any questions you have about this.

2. Secondly, Get Your New Lead To View Your Offer

After you have generated the lead You want to send your lead to whatever it is you promised them on your opt-in page. This could be an eBook, free training; signing up for a webinar, etc… At the bottom of this page add something that you are selling. (This is the affiliate marketing model. If you have your own product, send them there first then onto the free offer you gave them on the opt-in page)

3. Your Email Autoresponder Follow-Up Campaign

The most important part of your funnel process in order to get high converting sales conversions. Is to have an awesome email follow-up campaign that sells your product or service. Most people will never purchase anything on their first visit. This is why it is essential to capture your lead in the first place. In this, you are able to keep contacting your prospects until they buy from you.

4. Sales

You want to deliver value and make sure your offer is congruent, and in line with, your targeted niche, this is typically a low ticket offer, less than $20.00. You want to deliver loads of value and after some time and if you have EARNED the trust of your lead, the sales will come.

What’s next? Simple, just repeat these steps, over and over and over again.

High Quality Traffic To Match Your Offer Related To “Online Marketing/Biz OPP”

The Test Checkers

Targeted Unique Visitors

These 3 packages are for beginners and perfect for those who want to test my solo traffic before committing to buying more.

For Beginner Marketers

$0.78 $0.75 Per Targeted Unique Visitor

Perfect For Marketers With A New Offer Ready To Be Tested For Conversion & Optimization. Perfect For Testing As It Provides Enough Traffic To See How Well Your Offer Is Doing

For Experienced Marketers

$0.78 $0.70 Per Targeted Unique Visitor

For Marketers With A Proven Concept. This Is For Marketers With A Good Business Model That Has Proven To Generate Sales. And Need More Traffic To Validate Your Proof Of Concept And Ensure It Consistently Is Producing Sales And Great Profit Margins

For Serious Marketers

$0.78 $0.65 Per Targeted Unique Visitor

For Marketers With A Statement. For Marketers Who Want To Carve A Pie In Their Industry For Themselves And Establish A Presence As Authority In The Industry While Skyrocketing Leads & Sales. This Is For You

For Captains Of Industries

$0.78 $0.60 Per Targeted Unique Visitor

For Marketers With A Statement. For Marketers Who Want To Carve A Pie In Their Industry For Themselves And Establish A Presence As Authority In The Industry While Skyrocketing Leads & Sales. This Is For You

For Marketing Tycoons

$0.78 $0.55 Per Targeted Unique Visitor

For Marketers Ready For A Hostile Takeover Of Their Niche. For Marketers Who Want To Eat Up All The Traffic In Their Niche And Become A Go-To Authority In The Industry. This Is More Traffic Than 85% Of Marketers Can Generate In Record Time

Why Hide?

I’m Wanting Your Business For Long Term & I Am Here To Help You!

If You Need Any Assistance, Here Is How You Can Reach Me

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